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While Island Infusions Catering was in it's infancy, one simple, unchanging phrase became part of the fabric of our mission:

"So We All Can Eat."

The "So We All Can Eat" Program was born out of a desire to maximize Island Infusion's philanthropic efforts and to create a giving program that would be part of our day to day operations. The Island Infusions family believes whole-heartedly in supporting our local community and in giving back to the areas that provide us with so much. we offer food from sustainable sources, minimize our impact on the environment, purchase from local businesses, and support the community we live in.

Our giving focus is on 501(C)3 organizations serving the needs of children and families nutritional support and through provision of basic needs. we do so through fundraising, food drives, donations, volunteer work, community events, discounted pricing for non- profits, and many other efforts.

If you would like to participate, leave us a cool idea for how we can support our community, or donate to the So We All Can Eat Program or one of the organizations we support, please email us at or fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon. Also, if Island Infusions Catering can support a cause in other ways, please let us know!

Our goal is not only to make sure our client and staff are taken care of, but to do our part to make sure our community at large is taken care of!

Please visit the link below to make a donation to the So We All Can Eat Program!


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