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Here at Island Infusions Catering, we provide full service catering for every type of private and corporate event, large or small, glamorous or intimate.

Whether your special occasion is a formal seated dinner, intimate wedding, family reunion, backyard barbecue, casual get-together, fundraiser, of business conference, we take pride in making your event extremely flavorful and memorable. The Island Infusions team will work with you to create an innovative menu based on your culinary preferences, and coordinate staffing, flowers, rentals, and entertainment, as requested, to ensure your every need is met.

We treat each and every event as if it were our own, and our commitment to excellence will ensure that your event is as effortless and as entertaining as possible!


Our culinary team aims to bring bold flavors and bright colors directly to your table!

Island Infusions currently offers weekly meal plans, which will be prepared in the comfort of your home. Meals can either be stored in the refrigerator with reheating instructions, or served on site by the chef. Service includes initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, meal preparation, food packaging, and kitchen clean-up. 

Menus will be customized according to your tastes and dietary restrictions. We are incredibly sensitive to all dietary specifications, and are capable of producing the perfect set of meals for each and every client.  

Contact us for information on availability.


Learn how to infuse your everyday cooking with the flavor of the islands!

Island Infusions Catering offers cooking classes on demand at various locations throughout the Tri-state area. We cover a variety of themed courses to help you elevate your confidence in kitchen and to give you the knowledge to handle the finest ingredients comfortably.

We also offer private in-home classes to our clients to provide an opportunity to bring the taste of the islands into their own kitchens!


Contact us for information on availability.

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