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Island Infusions Catering provides an up close and personal experience with a unique blend of Caribbean favorites and kitchen classics. We encourage clients to expand their culinary horizons and to incorporate Caribbean cuisine into their everyday at home cooking! We work with our clients during our 2 hour courses to introduce them to Caribbean cooking techniques, ingredients, tools, and other kitchen basics!

We provide services for both children and adults! 


– Two hour Hands-on cooking lesson by Chef Damone.

– Opportunity to learn culinary techniques like Knife skills, Sauteing, Roasting (depending on age)

– Fresh quality ingredients purchased and delivered the day of the event (ingredients will be billed seperately at cost)

– Use of aprons

– Take-home recipes

You will be selecting items from our class menu here! Keepsake aprons can be purchased starting from $20 per person. Please inform us in advance of your interest to add on aprons for your party!

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