What are our clients saying?

  • I feel as though Damone's dishes tell the story of where he's been. As he travels through life and experiences the world, all that he absorbs is reflected in each dish. Each dish has a story to it. And each story is absolutely amazing. Damone is able to take the foods that I am familiar with and present in a way, using his own creative style, that makes me remember why I loved it in the first place
    — Olivia Lindsay
  • Island Infusions Catering is some of the best food I have ever had. The quality and presentation of the food is amazing! I will definitely be using them for future events!
    — Micaela Lilley
  • You are in the right place if you desire a professional, creative, well-versed chef for your event and catering needs. Want your event to be a hit and have everyone talking about the amazing ambience, cuisine, and catering? Then allow Damone and his full service team to serve you up something amazing!
    — Hayley J. Mckenzie, CEO of B.Beaute Enterprises
  • Impeccable service and amazing finger licking food. Definitely recommend this catering establishment !
    — Cliffannie Bowman
  • The flavor is never lacking and presentation is top tier.
    — Tonisha Hurd
  • I can attest to his sheer genius at blending and fusing flavors, textures, and even colors into his meals. His culinary creations are both pleasing to the eye and exciting to the palate. The best part about his cooking is the creativity, he doesn't just reproduce old favorites - he reinvents them!
    — Donna Welsh
  • Damone Johnson and Island Infusions Catering makes their food with love and come as close to your mom's kitchen table as you can imagine. I've had their food at many parties, weddings, and other events and have never left disappointed. If you want Caribbean food with an modern twist, choose Island Infusions Catering!
    — Michael Nelson
  • You usually know what to expect with simple, classic dishes like chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, or chicken parmesan. With Damone's own infusions, these dishes no longer have a predictable taste! Even though his changes are always seamless and subtle, it makes a huge impact on the overall taste! Island Infusion's has always been and will always be my go to!
    — Deanna Lindsay
  • Make no mistake, Chef Johnson doesn't only bring you island flavors in his cooking, but he also puts his own twist on many of your favorites...You can taste Chef Damone Johnson's love and passion for the Caribbean in the dishes he offers, but most importantly you will taste his love and passion for cooking. For this reason he is my number one choice for all my catered events. Thank you Island Infusions!
    — Heather Johnson

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"Prep alum Damone Johnson (XXIV), executive chef and owner of Island Infusions Catering, cheered on our young scholars with an exquisite feast on the last day of class. He specializes in Caribbean cuisine using bright flavors and bold, seasonal ingredients, yum!" 


"The KingdomSoldNYC Family got the opportunity to taste the flavors from Island Infusions and honestly they have some pretty GOOD food! It taste's as good as it looks, you will not be disappointed!"


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